anyone using RCG Onyx?

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  1. They updated their software today. When you market in or out of a position, you THEN have to specify the quantity before the order is sent. Anyone have any idea why they would do something like this? Seems like they are trying to appeal to the newbie rather than the professional trader.
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    I do.

    Up until this new update I loved it. Fast enough for what I do. Decent interface. Static DOM. Orders rest on server. Free. Never had an issue.

    This new update is not good. I'll give it some time but may have to switch if they don't do something about it.

    Can't really come up with why they would do this. Maybe, like you said, for new traders, making it a two step process? But people always had the option to have a seperate confirm before entry anyway. Now if you don't get rid of the submit option its a 3-step process!

    Could there a be an issue with patent infringement so they have to change it up in order to keep the static DOM or some other type of functionality? (the static DOM is now back after they changed it to a shifting/static DOM a little while back)

    I'll probably send my broker an email tuesday and see what he says.
  3. I had heard something about some sort of a settlement between RCG and TT over some sort of software infringement, but that's just heresay, I don't know if that's true. This could be related.
  4. So....?
  5. Anyone know how to do a "market if touched" order with this software? The documentation says it supports it, but I don't see it.
  6. I think what you are talking about is the same thing as a stop order (it turns into a mkt when touched).. you just right click on the dom.

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    been using it for a while absolutely loved it till the new update.

    talking to my broker he recommend OpenCry? anyone has used it before, how does it compare with RCG Onyx?

  8. OEC DOM is Ok
    but the data feed is a bit slow
  9. Stay away from OEC. Oh, the nightmares i had with them in the freeze ups, orders locking, etc, the list goes on. You'd figure things would get better when they were bought by OptionsXpress, forget it!...same ole shit ....

    I personally use AMP Global Clearing for my client accts.

    If you 're looking for a broker with an excellent reputation and with a free platform( Global Zen Trader) check out Global Futures
  10. Southbeach - You post does not make any sense. First, I trade with OEC and they have been rock solid for a very long time. You bash OEC then say for a free platform use Global Zen Trader. Uh, do you know Global Zen Trader is reallly OEC just branded to look like Global? So you are caught in your own web trying to bash OEC. Maybe you should do your shill homework first. I personally would rather go to the source of the software OEC, than thorugh a broker. As for AMP...good luck with that $1m net capital...that is a disaster waiting to happen.
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