Anyone using Python on a large scale trading application?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by chromosome, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Yes, I meant those compulsory four space indentations. That raised red flag for me since it could introduce difficult to find syntax errors. I learned a little bit of Python by reading books since guys who know Python can write better texts than most authors. I have written few lines of Python code but in the process I found that R which is structured like Python is much easier and has comparable libraries. I still prefer C++ and use .Net but it becomes obvious that Python popularity is increasing and influences other languages as well
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  2. the popularity of Python comes from its simplicity and straight forward syntax

    it feels like Java 1.0 :p

    the idea is to have an easy to read language that can be easy to debug, the 4 space is a bit strange in the beginning but you get used to it very quickly
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    To all, Volpunter is no longer welcome on this thread (which has been cleaned up). Let's please keep the discussion civil and professional, and thanks for your contributions.
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    I'm not a programmer but I still enjoyed your posts. However, I do watch a lot of TV, so the only thing I understood was the "Dr. Sheldon Cooper" reference. :)
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