Anyone using Point and Figure charting?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by delta1, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. delta1


    Just interested if anyone has got this method down?
  2. lvivihor


    Yes, i use it for forex trading and futures. It's nice method.
  3. Mr B

    Mr B

    used it for bund, dax and forex and US treasuries. nice for treasuries, especially when they get trendy.

    try a 2x6 for longer term moves.
  5. best combination for point and figure charting.
    charting platform:updata technical analyst
    book: the definitive guide to point and figure charting by jeremy du plessis
    a really awesome charting package that uses all the principles portrayed in the book
  6. i assume this method has seen better days, fads come and go. but, if it works for you great. Candlesticks are another fad.

    Bottom line: One is probably as good as the other, ( i an all BAR chart). It is not the method of charting that makes you a winner or a loser it is how you interpret and incorporate the information given.

    Give me 100 traders and i will give each a copy of 5 different charts and i surely will receive approx 475 different interpretations.