anyone using PFG BEST?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by sumosam, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. sumosam


    I juist learned about this broker today. Will start with a demo acct first.
  2. WEAK data feed......move on. :)

    Demo NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire feed....WAAAAYYYYY better
  3. JDL


    they now offer mt-4 platform but you will pay a comm. they a good broker. i trade on there currenex platform.
  4. They meet all the new nfa requirements I read. Not sure how good they are though.
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  6. iice74


    I've been looking into them recently, anyone have any good or bad recent experience with them?

    I hear if you make money from "NEWS" trading, they'll take the money out of your account? Can someone confirm or reject that?
  7. I traded futures with PFG for two years, I still have a small account that I keep there. Great customer service, account reps follow up well. But to be dead honest the platform isn't the best. It really sucks having to call the trade desk to place spread orders. There is a lot of human error on both sides. Other than that not bad, good luck with them. They definitely aren't scammers or anything. I even think they have a few new platforms out by now.
  8. how are you placing your spreads now R?
  9. JDL


    what platform are you talking about, they offer currenex and mt-4 and also uses fxsol platform.
  10. iice74


    I am actually not sure which platform this person is referring to. I saw the note in one of the reviews on Forex Peace Army
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