anyone using nymex membership to save cost? what are the savings than non-member?

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  1. anyone using nymex membership to save cost?

    What are the savings than non-member RT cost?
  2. bone

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    I have a client who just bought a Nymex seat - the commissions are a driver, but so is the capital gains parking spot.

    I have paid as low as 55 cents all trading about 60K contracts per month (120K total).
  3. 0.55 per side including everything?
    If so, that's nice saving.
  4. bone

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    Yep. 0.55 per side. But I also trade a few thousand buys and a few thousand sells per day.
  5. i see, looks like spread trading is very scalable.

    What major contract can you trade under nymex's memebership?

    they only have nymex and nymex option.
  6. bone

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    Crude Oil Calendars, Nat Gas Calendars, HO Cracks, RBOB Cracks, HO Calendars, RBOB Calendars

    'Calendars' includes butterflies, condors, and strip strategies of all sorts.
  7. thx, exactly what i tried to find.

    It seems nonmember dont have intraday price...
  8. bone, you trade otc at all?
  9. bone

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    Clearport and ICE goes through Man F.

    Financially-cleared OTC swaps.

    Used to do alot of bilateral physical OTC back in the day with ComEd.
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