Anyone using Neural Networks for Trading?

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  1. Ha!! It was a trick question! We all use a neural network for trading!

    The most powerful NN ever created is right between your ears. Every time you trade or look at charts or read or think about trading you're training that powerful neural net. Make sure you are training it with useful and profitable information :thumbsup:
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    This should be in the "Trading Software" section then.
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  3. the critical part of nn is how to preprocess data. That is why amateurs with no trading background are hard to produce profitable systems by feeding raw data to the nets.
  4. Interesting point. Indicators are a way of pre-processing the price data. That could argue in favor of using them to help better grasp the import of the data - especially for new traders.
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    Once existing stuff starts to get stale ones are needed to keep retail guys busy who endlessly keep searching for the holy grail :)
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    I used to listen to audiobooks of Tony Robbins talking about neural networks while driving to work in late 1990's/early 2000's until I realized it sounded familiar to something I heard in my childhood.

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  8. Hey, I like that! A train that trains its brain!

    Our brains are trained every day of our lives... every life experience, everything we hear, read or see trains our brains. Our thoughts control our actions, so what we do depends on what we think which depends on what we hear see and read. Is your brain being trained the way you want, or just randomly buy whatever happens around you?
  9. Yes. It's not really a NN but some other form of AI.
  10. You're suggesting that brains are not really neural networks, or am I misunderstanding your comment?
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