Anyone using i5 or i7 now?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FunMan, May 16, 2011.

  1. FunMan


    Will it make big difference? I am using dual core now. Sometimes can't change limit order because of computer lag.
  2. Lag is likely not due to your computer... more likely due to software.
  3. I upgraded from a dual core chip to the i7 950 chip with windows 7 and 6 gigs of ram. The difference is incredible. It feels about 6 times faster running esignal.
  4. Run all i7's for three separate boxes with W7.......all run good and never had any problems.
  5. If you are buying a new machine Intel "Sandy Bridge" is a no brainer:

    i5 2500 or 2500K gives great performance for the money. No point in going for the older i5's or i7's.
  6. LeeD


    Depends on what you are doing for trading. If you are trading manually half a dozen of futures, it won't make much difference (unless the trading software is particularly demanding). If you are running a real-time market scanner on the whole of NASDAQ, a faster computer has a potential to make a world of difference.
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    btw, how can I check the current usage of each core of my cpu in my pc?
  8. FunMan


    I remember there is a way to check how many cores are being in use. For example, if you use i5, you should see 4 cores. But sometimes, it just shows less than 4...
  9. montysky


    task manager - performance
  10. FunMan


    I remember someone said he only saw 2 cores being in use but he was using i5...
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