anyone using HSI historical data from yahoo

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  1. I find it is not accurate

    it is not the same as the current future price

    why ?
  2. inPeace


    r you referring to the CASH HSI data(OHLC) from yahoo?

    as i know yahoo only provide CASH hsi data, no futures data.
  3. CASH hsi

    what is it inpeace

    what is the relationship between cash hsi and future hsi
  4. RedDuke


    Cash hsi means the index of 36 stocks, on which futures are based. There is always premium or discount between them.
  5. compared with cash hsi

    is the range of future hsi greater ?
  6. The likelihood is that futures is greater because its more volatile and it also includes the 15 mins before and after the stock market opens/closes.
  7. I need the historical daily data of HSI

    I hope someone wil swap with me
  8. inPeace


    by "daily data" you mean "intraday data"?

    1-minute, 5 minute, 15-minute, hour.. data?
  9. I mean o h l c of day
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