Anyone using GlobalFutures with $500 ES margins?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by svtrader, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Because my trading strategy for ES and YM always involves hedging, my profits and losses usually tend to be very small, unless I ignore my own rules (and then I take a big hit).

    Those $500 margins at Global Futures would help to increase my trade size with the trading capital that I have.

    If you are a Global Futures customer, I am interested in hearing about your experience with them. I like the broker that I have right now, but the high margins make it necessary that I trade small lot sizes and also try to go only for the big point moves (rather than more predictable 1-2 point moves).

    This is not a thread about margins, but about your experience with Global Futures. I'm fully aware of the risks of trading with small margins. Serious replies appreciated.
  2. Global Futures is a good, reputable firm. Their brokers are very attentive and they take care of the basic needs of the average retail trader very well.

    I obviously don't recommend that you use $500 margins, but you know your trading specs better than I.
  3. I have been with Global futures for like 3 year on and off
    Decent firm
    I have a rep who take care of me when ever i have any question
    Rest i sucks at trading futures :(
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