Anyone using Fusion platform?

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  1. Would love to get reviews from people who have used the Fusion platform. A firm I am thinking about joining is offering it for free. Thank you.
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    I opted for Lightspeed when it was time to go to real money, but I did do a one week test run on Fusion. It was ok, it was a little clunky but it wasn't bad. The quotes seemed to be good, although I did get a little lag sometimes, that I don't get with Lightpseed. It does have eveything you need though.

    It's servicable, and cheap (free!). It will work if you are on a shoestring budget. I think it's worth paying a little more for a better platform. (and yes I know Lightspeed doesn't have the best rep on ET, but I think it's great)
  3. thanks for the feedback.
    how were the charts?
  4. does fusion have tick charts. I'm trying to get magic charts linked to lightspeed for the tick charts but not having any luck.
  5. fusion has tick
  6. Cool thanks. Now thats each individual print in the stock plotted on the chart right?
  7. I believe so but I don't use tick so cant say for sure. A stable platform but I would say that fusion charts are not very robust.
  8. Ok thanks for the help. I'll have to try and find a demo
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    Does anyonó know if fusion has P&F charts? thx
  10. Does anyone who uses Fusion DMA know if it allows charting of a spread (non-exchange-traded)? I can create a custom spread to trade, but I cannot find a way to chart the spread historically. The manual does not seem to indicate that it is possible, but perhaps I am overlooking it. Anyone?
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