anyone using (worden) to trade TD Ameritrade?

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  1. I have been using Quote Tracker as my primary charting software
    for quite some time first with OptionsXpres,then IB and now with TD Ameritrade for the last few years.
    QT is chart+trading even though TDAm offers TOS platform which is good for option probability calculations. I use TOS only pre and after market hours.
    TOS is just in time platform where as QT saves intraday data (initially 20 and now 60days thanks to Mr Medved).
    In QT -after market hours or during week end I used to try all kind of paint bar set ups with out live feed or even internet!!

    The only two indicators which I check in TOS ( which I lack in QT) is Ichimoku cloud charts and Pearson Pivots (ideal for index and commodity futures).

    since I dont want to run both TOS and QT live in two or same pc's ,I watch sometime freestockcharts browser based.
    It does not have Pearsons pivots but offers Ichimoku charts.

    Iam bit hesitant to trade thro it.I will appreciate comments from fellow elites.. with a/c with TD Am trading thro

    Apart from TD Am web site,QT,TOS platform,I have traded thro " Istockmanager"- Android app for some time as TDAm android app was not functioning properly before in Nexus-s. Now after the recent updates both ISM and TDam Android apps are functioning ok.


  2. We are on the same road :)

    I've been using QuoteTracker for charting and trading for years. It's my hands-down favorite software and I'm heartbroken it is getting phased out.

    I wish J Medved and Co would come up with a similar piece of software for Android and Ipad... that is where its at these days and I'd kill for the same features on a tablet.

    Anyway, I've been bummed about the loss of QT because the Think or Swim software just sucks. Coming from QT, there's no comparison.

    I finally checked out the other day and was excited to see that its fast and intuitive just like QT.. so it may very well be my new software.. for the PC at least, because its based on Silverlight, and wont function on my Android phone or iPad (bummer)

    Soooo... I guess I'm sticking to iStockManager (which was bought out by TDAmeritrade ... hmmm where have I seen this movie before..)

    for mobile trading. The app is decent enough on my Android phone, but the charts dont update in real time- you have to hit a bunch of buttons to refresh them (sucks)

    On the iPad the charts do update (draw) in realtime.

    Neither one allows you to draw trendlines, which triple-sucks.

    I havent created an account at freestockcharts yet, however I did try entering my TDam account info, and I see it will show my my open positions on the chart with P/L displayed.

    Will FreeStockCharts actually let you TRADE thru their platform using TD?

    A request to J Medved- it would be great to have a web-based trading platform that works like QT did, but it directly accessible from the web like the huge improvement would be to have it written in something that tablets and phones can actually display.. (html5? can it even do that stuff?)

    I dunno if ipads can run adobe AIR, or what... its a mess out there.