Anyone using Focus Futures?

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    Rates look good on mini's 1.25 plus fee's and day margins look nice too.

    Please share any experiences.

  2. Actually I just added in the exchange fee's and they are not any better then I'm getting with IB right now so no point.

  3. $1.25 is a standard commission but I'm sure you can push for less even without size. The total package for the ES and NQ without commish for non-members is $4.60 per RT (exchange+ clearing+ NFA) and $1.64 per RT for YM. If you do just 10 turns per day, that's over $250 to the broker at that commission. Knowing what the base cost is (which is what I just gave you) will help you negotiate a better rate.
  4. Are you serious? :p
    I can get much lower than this without any volume
    commitment (not any CME program)

    I was always very good in negotiating commisions,
    (American are shy when comes to bargaining) but
    not as good when it comes to trading. :D
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    Isn't it $2.32? I may be misreading what you intended; could you elaborate on the $4.60? Thanks!
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    I think you are right $2.32 minis and $3.26 Euro.
  7. That would be sweet if true...
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    Sorry if that wasn't clear thats just exchange fees, clearing, NFA, without commssion for a round turn. Add your commssion for the total.
  9. ES , NQ per side calculation

    $0.50 any competative brokerage can offer this rate

    Exchange fee and NFA Regulatory Fees:
    $1.14+$0.02= $1.16

    Plateform charge per side:
    A] CQG Net $0.25 B] J-Trader $0.50 C] Strategy Runner $0.75


    Total amount per side:

    A] $1.91 ------ B] $2.16 ------- C]$2.41
  10. I apologize. I pay member rates, so I looked at the wrong product listing. You are right, the rate is $2.32 per turn + $0.04 NFA. My fault. My remarks about commissions are true though. Check here:

    Would it make sense for ET'ers to pool their business if they are using the same broker (IB, Velocity, etc)? This is what I would go for. Your combined volume is good business and it doesn't cost the brokerage much.
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