Anyone Using eSignal Scanners?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by haub, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. haub


    I started using eSignal about a month ago and have a free trial with their scanners that include hot group, rally, power scans. Anyone come up with a successful strategy for using these?

    I personally, just use the rally scan and try to capture .5 point moves in the last hour of trading depending on the intraday chart of the stock that shows up on the 'last hour low' or 'last hour high' scans.

    Anyone have an opinion also on whether these are useless scanners or not? They are definitely not very customizable...and I find eSignal's tutorial for implementing them not so great.

  2. Esignal Scanner is pretty limited. Also not built into real time streaming app yet, also extra cost.

    QCharts is more extensive. It is built into the real time streaming app, no extra cost.

    QCharts calls them "Hot Lists" over 40 different scans including "Trade Rate,Volume Rate, %gainers/losers for daily weekly monthly quarterly yearly periods, unusual volume, short term up, short term down. etc etc

    Given time perhaps Esignal will improve.