Anyone using equis quotecenter and getting bad ticks on the ES?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by winners8, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I have been getting bad ticks on the ES lately from the quotecenter data. Anyone having the same problem? When it happens, several bars of data get compressed into a huge long bad bar.

    I have tried contacting equis support and their support is pretty bad. All they said was to close/re-open the program and try again... not helping at all.
  2. Yeah, they are pretty useless with data problems. That's about all the advice I ever get from them besides clearing out the cache. I haven't noticed a problem with ES in the last couple of days but have had other issues with ZC and CL freezing up. ZC in particular gave me a similar problem yesterday with one long bar that was stuck and did not update properly.

    The Quotecenter data is managed out of another office so they don't have much to offer other than re-start/clear cache/etc. The best you can do is just get them to pass on the problem to the data folks and hope they fix it quickly. Another thing they can do sometimes is put you on another data server temporarily. Good luck.
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    Brock... how do i clear the metastock or quotecenter cache?

    Its frustrating not knowing the root of the problem, sometimes i close/reopen and it works, but most of the time the problem remains.
  4. What you do is close MetaStock and Quotecenter. Check to be sure that all of the processes closed also by going to task manager. Make sure that MsWin.exe, RBWS.exe, Eqdatsrv.exe and Eqfilsrv.exe are not running. Then go into your local cache folder (default is C:\MetaStock Data\DataOnDemand Cache) and delete the contents of this directory (but not the directory itself), including the MSSmart folder. Then restart MetaStock and Quotecenter. Just be warned that this will delete any charts you've been working on if you have not saved them into separate files. I don't know if this will solve your problem but it is worth a try if you are still having problems.
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    Thnx i will give it a try

    hopefully it solves the problem
  6. Just FYI, I am getting the same data problem now on ES that you have.Normally, they are pretty reliable but the last few days have been a nightmare.
  7. I tried clearing the cache and no luck. I then tried the same chart on a different machine and it works but is still corrupted on my main workstation. Go figure.
  8. Same problem here as well for the past couple of days although at the moment everything looks fine.
  9. What did you do to fix it today or did it just start working again by itself? This seems to happen quite a lot these days.
  10. I restarted it a couple times. The first time it hung up when I switched periodicity. I've only noticed it on mini's, nothing else. Pretty normal stuff for MetaStock as far as I've seen. I've spoke to them about it before and never get a technical answer... Anyone had to flatten because of this?
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