Anyone using Ensign and scanning its database?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by neo_hr, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. neo_hr


    Dear friends,

    I have a huge problem. Each night I spend at least 3-4 hours searching for my next days plays (yes, I go to sleep at like 3 or 4 AM) get up at 10 go to college...

    There is an idea I have that would make my life a whole lot easier. Using scanner I have screened their database (some 4500 stocks) and sorted out the ones that trade above 500k shares a day and below 40$. I got like 400 stocks. I exported that data in Excell, copied 1st column into notepad (so I have it in ASCII).

    Now, HOW DO I PUT THOSE SYMBOLS INTO CUSTOM LIST? Hope not manually one by one... tried Data manager but guess I missed something as the symbols never appeared anywhere...

    OK, even If I have to do it manually OK, now comes the hard part. I would uopdate EOD data each night BUT how will I then sort the ones that fit into Bottom fisher setup? Or skyscraper for that matter?

    Here are the parameters that would have to be met :

    --3 down/up closes (or more)
    --vol > than 40 average vol by at least 130%
    --stoch and RSI overbought / oversold
    --price piercin or bouncin off lower/upper BB

    I know it would be too much to ask of you to write my scans but Im like REALLY lost in this ESPL. Nope, never took any programming lessons. Dang, what is to do?


  2. dozu888


    got work more efficiently. just trade 1 thing like QQQ, or the NQ.

    I haven't seen any statistical proof that any so called scans actually give you any advantage.
  3. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    I agree with Dozu. why not focus on one thing.
    I know many of you still prefer/believe in playing with many stocks, chasing momentum one way or the other. But it is a lot of work !

    For scanning, I just love AIQ. Yep, I had my scanning days too. AIQ is very good for that, and their user group would write your scans for you neo, free of charge. I love that group of people. really helping each other. Those who read me know my best software are Ensign and AIQ.

    Never used Ensign or eSignal scanning though. But you need to know how to program for Ensign.