Anyone using EFX Group?

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  1. You can get charting through eSignal and QuoteTracker.

    $7.00 commissions on 100,000 units. (70 cents for 10K)

    EFX Navigator has a lot of different functionalities...

    Oh, EFX Group is part of MB Trading...

    100:1 leverage

    22 currencies...
  2. Due to the overwhelming response I guess the answer is no...:p
  3. Just go direct thru MB ... same software and it's cheaper.
  4. Yes, it does say $5 per 100,000. But at the bottom of one of the pages at MB it says:

    " Current MB Trading clients: Forex trading cannot be added to your existing equities account. An additional Navigator login is required to trade Forex."

    They call it EFX Navigator.

    So why is it more expensive to trade using QT or eSignal charts?

    Some of the things I like so far is they do not have a dealing desk.
    And they do not discourage scalping. And they have mini-lots.
  5. All that means is you need to open and fund a second account and login to trade FX if you already trade stocks and/or futures with them (MB). You can use MBs data feed free for most charting packages.
  6. I use EFX Group. Comm are $5 per 100K. Also, they give me a nice discount on my eSignal subscription (thru the AZ office) which makes a big difference.

    I like the platform and my orders have all been lightning fast, which was my big concern coming from a deal desk broker.
  7. What is the maximum size you can
    execute at the displayed prices for
    EFXgroup ?
  8. Moe27


    25 mill base currency / mb trtading.
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    I'm currently using the demo account and I like it a lot. I'll be opening up an FX account with them real soon.

    The best part about this broker is that there is no dealing desk to manipulate your trades.
  10. I'm confident, that if I open an account, it will be with EFX, and I'll just run Metatrader 4 for charting.
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