Anyone using bullets today?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by bandit, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. bandit


    please let me know the house you trade at
  2. bandit


  3. Tea


    Bandit - that would be a good screen name for an undercover SEC agent - ha!
  4. I actually bought 100 shares of Bullets just to try and see if i can still do it and i could.

    But i won't be using them anymore, i want to see how i will do without them.

  5. Generic otherwise known as aka Carlingroup

    don't know how long it will last though..i heard from a friend it will last until the 21st of this month when all trading firms will be required to stop posting bullets as per the 17th memorandum ..
  6. you bullet guys should sell the mkt into the shitter as one last hurrah. :D
  7. If only we actually DID determine the direction of the market. Too bad all we do is jump on for the ride, and occasionally keep buying in check when there is nothing real behind it.
  8. speedboy


    If any firms go past Friday with allowing bullets they're pretty