Anyone using Platinum or Trader (premium)?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cunparis, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. lescor


    Late. You'll never hear it first on briefing platinum. Briefing trader, maybe
  2. Excellent for pre-market, excellent for follow up details. Not really designed for "calls." IMO.

  3. gaj


    i use platinum only and echo don's thoughts about pre-mkt.

    i have it auto-updating during day, but very rarely use it.
  4. From what I see on their website, the advantage of the "trader" level is the calls.

    " Specific Technical Trading Set-Ups with Entry/Exit Points"

    I'm wondering if their calls are worthwhile. I figure since they have access to the news, they should be in a better position to make calls right?
  5. I think one of my manager's uses the trader level. I'll ask him what he thinks.

  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I have Trader and like it.

    Sometimes I use the calls, but every month, I've had a "Pays for the service" trade out of a news item that hits Trader before it hits Platinum (at which time I'm covering to Platinum traders ;) )

    But if you're gonna do that, you better be set up and ready for it and quick... always enter with hotkeys.

    An example of this today is:

    Briefing Trader: 13:51 FCX Hearing Upgraded (Price 104.00)

    Briefing Platinum: 13:53 FCX Hearing Upgraded (Price 104.35 and heading back down)

    Like I say, you gotta be quick

  7. This is a great example, thanks for sharing. I am not that quick right now so it looks like maybe I should get the platinum.

    FCX corrected but then when up to 105, so there was at least a chance to get in on the action for those who didn't get the trader news.
  8. ramora


    Thanks for the comments...

    Is there a better 'pre-market' email service than I am looking for market calendar, asia closes, and pre-market index futures....

    Now I am going to several web sites to find the info but believe there must be a good service that does this better than what I am doing.

    Thank you