Anyone using AIQ/mytrack ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tntneo, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. tntneo

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    I am looking for a software to program my system.
    I prefer not to use

    I am considering AIQ.
    Does anyone have experience with it or more importantly with their data service MyTrack for realtime data.

    I might consider RavenQuote too, but their reliance on is trouble. Qfeed is getting worse and worse [connection trouble, data integrity, delays]. It is too bad because QCharts is really a nice piece of software [so is RavenQuote]. But what's your software worth without good data.

  2. Are you looking for RT or for an EOD solution ?

    I would consider MetaStock 7.0 for EOD and MS Professional for RT. Probably with eSignal data-feed.

    RavenQuote : Great Software, unreliable data-feed (qFeed ).
    As far as I know, TenLights is looking for an alternative data-feed. but nothing decided yet.

    TC 2000 ( worden ) offer now also RT capabilities


  3. mjt


    I tried AIQ real time for a month about a year ago. All I remember is that it took forever to load one chart.
  4. tntneo

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    I am testing AIQ now.
    And I am very much impressed. I could tell you a lot about it already and review it, but this program is mostly for swing traders and position traders. So not necessarly interesting for most members here.

    RavenQuote may be a more versatile package than AIQ. But based on and their unreliable data feed.
    I know a new version is using eSignal. That's OK. eSignal is very good, I used them for a while [their charts suck!].
    But data is good.

    However, I am swing trading NYSE stocks and AIQ offers a better deal for me.
    DataFeed RT + Software = $80 per month. As compared to eSignal+RavenQuote = $140 more or less [and possibly more depending on what eSignal features you take].

    AIQ support is excellent, people reactive and users are helping each other with strategies, code [system trading] help, back testing and so forth.

    I will close my account by the end of this month, that's for sure.
  5. 4jays


    Welcome aboard tntneo. I told you AIQ was a breath of fresh air! Best darn support out none! AIQ has great user participation and support too. Hope it fills your requirements.

  6. tntneo

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    4Jays, still using it and glad I do !

    It is just great. Futures indices available no extra cost.
    I use the mytrack feed, but esignal is also supported.
    Charting could be better, but custom indicators don't come more powerful than this. AIQ is pretty different than other packages and therefore not for everyone. It is however precisely what I wanted.
    [BTW, AIQ is often presented on the market as an artificial intelligence package. This gives the impression it is a black box. It is the exact opposite. It is 100% open box and you may use only your own customers indicators if you choose to. It is 'artificial intelligence' because it is 'rules based programming'. This way applies very well to trading systems since you want to define all your rules and exceptions and let the software sort them out in real time taking in account everything, all the time].

    I could go on, but it would sound like I want to sell it to you. No way ! Please forget we mentioned it. Too many people with great tools like this, too much competition :)

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    Got a question, dumb though it may seem; How do you enter the little smiley faces I see in some of these posts (like yours)?

    I tried QCharts and I was so turned off by their snippy sales people (they sounded as though I was interupting their day when I called to ask a few questions and place an order) that I lasted only one day with them. I say nothing special about QCharts charting ability.

    I saw that Quicken is hosting a data feed and charting package for $54.00 and change per month. An annual subscription reduces the monthly to $37.00 and change per month. Level II is the customary $10.00/mo. and NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, and options are $3.00/mo., total. Have you any experience with this service? Or, have you any knowledge gleened from posts on the boards?

    PS: I would like TEP's charts to come up a little faster and I sent a request to the programmers to integrate a Layout capability. Oltherwise, I haven't seen a better decision support package anywhere....period!

  8. 4jays

    I've been using for the last year. I've used just about every real time data provider out there. Eventhough, Quicken isnt the most user friendly or feature rich program, its accurate and very reliable. There is a new version 3 that just came out for june. It now can draw trend lines and has price vectors. (cross hairs) Its level II , time/sales are alot cleaner than Qcharts. I remember 4 years ago paying 300 bucks a month for quotes, Quicken is quite a bargain. I believe they offer a two week trial, you got nothin to lose.

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    It is simple, the smileys mostly are standards.. just write these two characters : ) but without a space, and that gives :) . you can use : ( etc... EliteTrader supports many smileys.
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    A sincere thanks for your reply. I'll give them a try.

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