Anyone using AAAFx?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by 0100, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. 0100


    If so how are they?
  2. I am not using them.

    I see they are an MT4 dealer that deals with traders from the USA and offers 200:1 with 1000 unit trades.

  3. MillieJ


    Hello guys, i don't think they are accepting US clients anymore, but make sure that's the case first :p
  4. I am using them (reached them through zulutrade). No complaints
  5. Humpy


    Got them on demo. Seem good.
  6. MillieJ


    hello all ;)

    sorry, didn't quite catch your posts - are you trading on zulutrade and aaafx?
  7. Many of the zulu trade users are using AAAFX, The reason I see is the lowest slippage as compared to other brokers. So they are actually good for auto trading services.
  8. Humpy


    They seem OK but they are based in Cyprus and Greece which must be a cause for concern.
  9. Pipflow


    Am a signal provider in the zulutrade and am using this broker for providing the signal apart from this i have no other experience, seems like there is no problem with them.
  10. MillieJ


    I am also using this broker both with manual and followers account. No problem whatsoever!
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