Anyone uses NinjaTrader for automated trading at IB?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by BillCh, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. BillCh



    anyone really trading fully (or semi) automated with NinjaScript 6.5 and Interactive Brokers (via TWS 887 as this is the only supported version)?

    Anyone really trading IB FFA (Friends & Family Accounts) via NinjaTrader?

    I migrated there as interface and C# based language looked promissing but I doubt reliabilty - dont know if semi-attended automated trading is achievable, not so speak about fully unattended trading.

    Specially the FFAs - meaning to trade the subaccounts of the so called master account - does not seem to be the thing of Ninja Trader, neiter manually via its DOMs nor with its scripts?

    Would be glad to hear about experiences from other active traders on that!

    Alternative for fully working (highest priority is stability, not features) intraday short term trading with IB? Amibroker, etc.? Always considering more than one account.

  2. hey bill,

    somepeople use TWSlink to do that. it works with IB only and it's free in many instances.

    also you can checkout tradelink it's open source free and supports multiple accounts w/all the brokers (ib, assent, sterling). there are a number of people doing unattended trading via IB and other brokers.

    neoticker is also very impressive I hear, and is used for the type of setups you mention. it's not free but it supports HUGE numbers of features and languages, etc.

    hope that helps.
  3. heech


    I have no experience with sub-accounts. But I am trading semi/fully-automated on IB with NT.

    I was trading semi/fully-automated on NT with TDA for 2 months, but then gave up because of lingering bugs that made full automation impossible.

    I've only been live with IB/NT for about 2 weeks... about 100 trades in that time frame, and after shaking the bugs out, seems to be working reliably. I could very likely go to true full automation in the near future.

    I can't automate with JUST IB/NT... startup is still a pain, for one. For that reason, I also have to use a macros program to automate some tasks. (There was also a few days in December where NT threw up a modal "Message" box that you had to click at startup... that really killed any sort of automation. I now have a macros that hopefully catches the message.) I'm using Macro Express Pro for that purpose... clicking on modal messages, starting a strategy, backing up state files, etc.
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    Hey Bill.
    Yeah been live for a while now. I would say its quite good for semi automated. Certain risk mgmt features built into NT, for cancelled orders or kicked out orders turn off strategies sometimes, but I would prefer that while still building to a fully automated goal. We've had some very good results , some quirky bug stuff, that we overcame, but I think NT has come a long way now. Ive been on it for over 2 yrs and we talk to them frequently about product development and how to improve it. Its a great tool with IB for collecting data and building simulations on your strategies, which you could then hard wire right to IB later if you preferred.