anyone uses IB's us server to trade HK or SGX future?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jetq, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. jetq


    I trade US market mainly and occasionly trade HK or SGX future in one account, stop order was not working on Thursday's night, I see price passed stop price but didn't trigger stop. through web chat(no one answer the phone), they said that is becasue server reset.

    how long will reset last and will the stop be triggered after reset? guess the only solution is setup another account on asia server.

    how you guys handle this issue?

  2. Hi jetq,

    I'm sorry to hear that you hadn't thought about the daily reset with us server based account. That can be a painful lesson I'd imagine. I'd never be considering trading in Asia without being on the HK server. Yes, this adds an extra layer of infrastructure planning on your part if you choose to trade USA & Asian markets.

    I only trade Asian markets so my solution is simple, use HK servers.

    My best regards,
  3. cstfx


    I use the HK servers to trade currencies during the Asian sessions. I have accounts set up on both servers and just move money from one to the other when I trade. It solved my reset issues on the US servers. Ping time is a little slower, but I've seen worse. If you are active enough, you can go with one of the direct lines to alleviate the perceived HK latency if you want. I don't worry about the minimum commission issue some have raised here because, quite frankly, $30 in commissions should not be even a blip for active traders.
  4. md2324


    Hi jetq,

    Can you recommend a broker ( or two ) that allows for USA residents to trade the Asian Indexes .... HK and the SGX ?

    And what are the Symbols for these two ? Or are HK and SGX the futures symbols for each ?

  5. i960


    I do and I can confirm your issues on Wednesday night (US Pacific time). There were significant delays in the SGX exchange accepting orders during that time at one point. It was not only stops - it was any order as they were showing up as pending. Stops are native to SGX so I wouldn't expect the stops themselves to be the issue but actually getting the order to be taken by the exchange during that time. IB server resets will NOT affect orders which the exchange has already accepted. If your stop orders on SGX are not showing green in the order status but instead blue you want to fix that. Ensure you're not using overfill protection or IB will screw with your brackets by holding them IB side. You do not want that.

    Trading from US based IB servers is fine. The resets typically happen during the lunch time break anyway. At worst it'd affect Nikkei and Kospi trading but not HK or SGX as its a low volume time period.
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    Notice that Hong Kong stopped observing Daylight Saving Time decades ago. Hence, in summer it is 12 hours ahead of US Eastern Time, but 13 hours ahead in winter after the time adjustment. I am not sure, but I think Shanghai is the same.
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    True - this is a very good point I had overlooked but was actually aware of already as noticed during the last time switch. During the time cutover the server resets will indeed be more of an issue.

    IMO, for people who trade both US and Asian markets they have to make a choice. If I had the power I'd order the IB people to stop this server reset nonsense as there's never a legitimate reason for managing a service that way. Unless updates need to be rolled out or there's otherwise an exceptional problem, there's really no need to bouncing servers daily. Software should be designed to run 24/7 with zero restarts/reboots/resets/etc.
  8. I am wondering, why is the server reset on the HK server not an issue? I have an account that is connecting to hk servers and the reset strikes each day shortly after noon local time...

  9. i960


    It's not an issue because it's a minor annoyance for 5-10 minutes usually in the middle of a session where less is going on. If I used the HK servers it would probably be the same for US markets.
  10. Hello, I am using the Profiforex Server to trade SGX and other future symbol. Commission is o.3pips.
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