anyone uses global satellite internet?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Dec 27, 2006.

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    for several hours 98% of the internet and phones are cut due to earthquake in taiwan. the fibercable under sea is cut. it will be fixed within 2-3 weeks. during that period, only 20-30% the internet can be used, so a lot of lost transactions..

    i remember seeing somebody trading on a boat to avoid tax. i wonder the price to use it, and if it is global or only for America, Europe, or Asia... I assume ONE satellite can only cover certain areas of the earth.
  2. Satellite internet as I understood it was being phased out about 5 years ago. It was more expensive than cable and dsl and not much faster than dial up. As I remember it, upload speed was about 70 mbps max and it was about $80/ month.
  3. My father inlaw uses Starband and has some pretty good speeds. Price is not too bad either. He is remote and getting a wire stretched to him is too $$$.

    Good hunting!
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    just wonder what will you do if both internet and phone are cut due to an earthquake, while you have open positions used 90% of the margin. lucky me that i have a balanced portfolio and has been using 90% margin for 3 years overnight, so i got used to the worry. i can not image those with forex open positions suddenly can not trade...