anyone uses DSL for day trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tripleE, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. tripleE


    I am switching to AT&T DSL for internet access. I wonder if it is sufficent to do day trading with it.

  2. mshanil


    Kindly, Reply back with your experience on DSL.

    I too feel the need to go remote and AT&T seems to be the only option.
    Are you opting for the 6 MB/s speed.
  3. tripleE


    I don't do photos, movies and complex games, so I am thinking if any of the AT&T choices of 1.5, 3, or 6 mbps is sufficient for broker's market data.

    I suspect anything above 1.5mbps is sufficient.
  4. Riioun


    I use DSL here in Canada and I am happy with it.

    13 meg service, no downtime. (Sorry cannot speak to AT&T just speaking for DSL in general)
  5. I use DSL and Comcast cable modem both for day trading at home. I do fairly active trading. I use the DSL modem/router to share the DSL bandwidth with 3 computers regularly, all running TradeStation application with about 20-30 charts each (Each computer drives 6 monitors). The DSL (AT&T) bandwidth is pretty good. I think it is the highest bandwidth DSL option that I subscribe.

    DSL hicks up about once a day or every 2 days. Meaning: suddenly the data feed would stop. But the modem has auto recovery features. It goes in limbo for about 1 to 2 minutes (sometimes 3 to 4 minutes), then it continues. Other than that, my experience with AT&T DSL has been pretty good.
  6. Darior


    DSL on speeds greather than 0.5Mbs is more than enough for active trading...
  7. You are being under served by the community here.

    DSL vs. Cable Modem: One is not necessarily faster than the other.

    DSL can be quite fast, on the condition that you live close to the relay station the phone company uses. If you're far away, your speeds will suffer exponentially. If you're lucky enough to be close to a relay, you'll have speeds that are faster than cable.

    Cable tends to be stable and overall fast when you compare it to the average of DSL speeds.

    You'll only know for sure if you have both and benchmark the speeds from your house.
  8. taodr


    Don't piss around, get FIOS ( if you can). More reliable and faster than other 2.
  9. tripleE


    With this Comcast cable, I cannot even get Youtube video to run smoothly oftentimes. I certainly won't trust Comcast for my trading.

    The cable Internet of Comcast is slow, contrary to the common perception. I used to think cable was faster than phone line.
  10. tripleE


    Good to know Verizon FIOS, not available in my area.
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