anyone used Pristine? Good or bad review?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by breezy1, Sep 22, 2002.

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  1. how much did you pay?

    they're very, very pricey. over $3,000 for their 2day classes
    #41     Nov 11, 2002
  2. I have attended both of Pristines 2 day seminars. They are not over $3,000. They are $1,995. For me, I got MORE than my moneys worth. I have also attended pristines week long mentorship program where you trade with one of their best people. Again, worth a lot more than I paid. I'm also particapating in their coaching program.

    Was it worth it all. Well, before pristine I lost money. Now I make money. What I spent with them is a miniscule fraction of the money I'll make.
    #42     Nov 11, 2002
  3. Sheesh........I'd quit now. If that is indeed their performance, they SUCK.
    #43     Nov 11, 2002
  4. lets see .........$2000 a person ........they probably get (at least) 1000 people per year to pay for the seminars......... so that comes out to 2000 x 1000 = $2,000,000 (not counting other items such as books and website memberships they sell) sure they dont know too much....just enough to get newbys to by things and take courses and believe in them........ im sure they dont trade... who would when ur bringing in over $2 million worth by selling the little knowledge u have....... they didnt make that trading cause if they did they would be at their desk trading instead of traveling from city to city selling insight on the market.
    so therefore they cant be too great ! :D :D ..............just a newby thought...................but what do i know !!:confused:
    #44     Nov 11, 2002
  5. TKO,

    With all due respect, you apparantly know nothing. You make statements that are nothing but guesses. Have you seen a pristine seminar? Have you traded side by side with any of their people? Have you seen audited p/l statements? Did you know that Oliver Velez and Greg Capra trade daily. Have you attended a pristine bootcamp where the instructors put there heart and soul into providing the best educational experience they know how. Have you spoken to any of the pristine staff when you're at your last straw, and they give you the courage, support, and knowledge necessary to move on. Did you know there is at least one pristine staff member who manages a god aweful some of money and has been trading for over 20 years? I've been to his home. I've also done most of the above. He didn't buy the home on tidbits from doing seminars.

    I'm not affiliated with pristine in any way other than as a customer. I've been in business for over twenty years. I've dealt with lousy vendors, shitty customers, etc etc.I have NEVER witnessed an organization that tried harder to provide a great service and followed through on every promise they made.

    Believe it or not, there are some people in this world whose intention it is to help in a sincere giving fashion. There are reasons other than money that motivate people. I feel sorry for those who don't understand this, for you will never experience what real joy, happiness and success is all about.
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  6. well ''bundleofbullshit'',,,,,,,,,i may not know much and u may be right, but what i do know is that u cant teach someone how to trade in two days... and if the intention is to help someone out then why charge so much.... since they are doing so well trading and all :D .............and the only guess i made was saying that they get about "1000 people to go to the seminars'' which is very realistic.....its probably ten times that number.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but you may be right, i didnt mean to rub anyone the wrong way,, but i just dont think charging someone $2000 dollars for a 2 day seminar sounds very legit.
    p.s.-- i do get their stock play of the week(i'll get it tomorrow) and not many do what they say. sorry
    #46     Nov 11, 2002
  7. How many pages do we collectively need to beat this dead horse.

    Every page seems to reach the almost identical conclusion.

    i.e. This seminar and the optionetics seminar are good for making a few people rich (the guys that run it).

    To sum up 8 pages in a few sentences: Buy their book for 5 dollars in the bargin bin at Barnes and Noble, then if you can stop laughing after you have read a few chapters consider buying one of their video's or something but lay out 2 g's for the seminar? 2 grand? They got the entire 2 day seminar on cd rom for what 2-3 hundred? You want to pay another 1700 for the free cookies so you can ask a few question like how come the "pristine buy signal" looks a lot like the super secret idea of buying an new high after a pull back or buying a gapper that continues to show strength or whatever the hell it is.

    Come on....

    Someone retire this thread the orgional question has been answered ad nasuem.

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  8. avalanche slams the gaval...................clap clap clap clap clap clap clap.... :D thanks ... finally
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  9. Swish



    I'm thinking about going to a Pristine Seminar in a few weeks. Do you guys think it's worth the money - I think it's about $1,995!!

    Just Kidding Avalanche!!!!!
    #49     Nov 11, 2002
  10. Bundleofshit: LOL, my wife will get a kick out of that one. But, me thinks the lady (ah, I mean man) doth protest too much about the price. Do you have any idea about the cost of a single college credit at a decent university? Your response is filled with so much negative energy that I can only assume that you're one frustrated soul. I hope someday you'll be in a position that $2,000 isn't such a scary amount for you to contend with. In addition, your playful response in no way addresses my comments meaningfully. So basically, you're pissed off that someone else can charge two large for a seminar and you can't. If it's so easy, go ahead, set up your seminar; and make all the money you can.

    My apologies to the rest of you. I typically don't get so defensive, but I consider the people at pristine to be my personal friends. They mean the world to me.
    #50     Nov 11, 2002
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