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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fatrat, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. fatrat


    My university is running a contest which I'm part of. I've been doing quite well, but this web site ( gives the crappiest fills, limit orders don't usually work right, and order confirmation doesn't happen for periods of over 20 minutes.

    Anyone know if their technical staff gives backfills?

    I never get a response from the people running this web site. They probably figure if it's a fake money site, they don't have to care about users. Either way, this web site has some seriously broken functionality, limited number of order types, and all-around sucks.

    I tried trading CEGE on the web site, and when I put limit orders to sell on their web site, they'd miss the trade and I'd end up out 10-15% at a time. I finally fixed my problem by gaining my 15% back, but am still totally pissed that this site is considered a "good web site" to run a fake stock trading game on. It might be a good simulation of how trading was in the 1980s, but it certainly is not a good exchange for anything past 1995.

    Piece of shit. [Just venting.]
  2. dpolyakov


    There ia a much better web site:
    You can set stops, limits, go short, long and so on - like on a real platform.
    Also all trades you can see on the chart.