Anyone use Trending123 or breakpoint trades?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by fishonhook668, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Any reviews?

    Any good sites free or fee worth joining?

  2. speres


    I used trending 123 about 6 years ago, Cost me about 100 bucks a month, I used them for us stock alerts back then and commentary...they were ok, covered the 100 but your better off doing your own thing in the long run imo....
  3. RM686


    TRENDING 123 IS A SURE WAY TO LOSE MONEY. Stocks picks were terrible and no stops and positions that were closed out had huge draw downs.
  4. RM686


    Have used Breakpoint Trades for over 2 years. Site is geared in my opinion for short term or day trading. nightly updates are very detailed but confusing. Different scenarios for what the market may do are given. almost every statement has a qualifier, so in the end I find the updates CONFUSING AND USELESS.
    The site is really geared to the short term trader and one who knows how to trade.
    If you are interested in making quick profits and scalping points this may be a good site for you. If you are interested in market timing or swing trading an IRA I would look elsewhere.
    In the time I have had this service I have not had one winning trade.
    I am basically a swing trader using IRA accounts so I have gotten little useful information from this site.
    For what I am looking for I find the information very confusion. This site only has value if you are a total self directed trader.