Anyone use Tradovate?

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    Has anyone tried Flat-rate monthly commissions = $99 to trade an unlimited number of ES contracts (with a lower price for one-loters). The problem I think I see from the information on their site is the limitations of their platform and the lack of platform choice. But otherwise it appears to be a compelling offering for higher-volume traders.
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    Amp offers something similar. Think theirs is 1000$ a year for commission free.

    Not a futures guy but I do believe those rates are just for the brokers commissions, theirs still clearing/exchange fees that are not free.
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    Nah. Thanks for the reply but unfortunately that's just deceptive advertising. See

    Yes, it's understood that there are standard pass-through fees; we are only talking about broker commission rates here.

    *** Would appreciate hearing from a Tradovate client. ***
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    I contacted Tradovate. Here is the scoop.

    1.) Their main office is in Columbus, Ohio and they also have an office in Chicago.

    2.) Tradovate will work on iPad Gen4. Tradovate also offers a version for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Once you sign up for the demo,, you will be able to download any or all of them. When you trade say on the iPhone you can see your orders on the iPad. The are completely in sync.

    3.) All your orders will be placed either directly with the exchange or if they are advanced orders like trailing stops, OCO, OSO, GTC, Time Released, they will be held on a server. This protects you in the event your computer loses internet or your turn it off. Your orders will still be working.

    4.) They currently do not have recording/playback functionality. This functionality is part of of historical data, back testing module that will be released at a later date

    5.) Their minimum subscription is one quarter. I am not sure where you are currently trading but the savings can be significant and you do not have to pay for any software.

    6.) they have a browser version and a cloud version of their platform and number 3 above applies to both the browser or cloud version.

    7.) you do have to pay exchange fees but i think it comes less than $1.30 per contract say for the ES. Their website list the exchange prices for different contracts.

    I have not used their services but am seriousely thinking of giving it a shot. Their platform offers dom..charts..and the type of orders i use. That is basically all i need. As i generally don't use indicators i do not need piles of indicators but i think they offer some.

    I especially like being able to use a pc or mac or ipad or iphone.
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    Thanks for all that research and posting. Should you actually become a client consider reporting back with your experience, if you would, as that would be much appreciated.

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    I will probally try their demo out first.
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    Well, upon closer scrutiny I see that the lure of proffering false advertising with impunity has pervaded this broker too. Their site states: "No per-trade commissions" and "Trade unlimited contracts for a flat price." However they, in fact, charge a $0.09 per contract per side "fee" in addition to the standard pass-through fees and their $1,188 per year Active Membership Fee. Here we have another firm that thinks they can simply change the name of their commissions from "commissions" to "fees" and get away with blatantly and falsely advertising that they charge no commissions.
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    "Tradovate" sounds like a pharmaceutical: I think I used to take 200mg twice a day, at one time ...
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    "Side effect may include, drowsiness, uncontrolled itching and violent excruciating pain. See your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms."
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