Anyone use Track n' Trade?

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  1. I especially like the Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light feature...presumably you buy if green, sell if red and stay flat if blue....

    All these years of study and trying to get it right wasted! was right in front of me the whole time....thanks for pointing the way!
  2. Are you being honest or is that sarcasm?
  3. Sorry Bullz...I couldn't resist when I saw the color scheme on their site.....

    I knew two good traders who used Tn'T or it's equivalent several years ago...they liked the program a lot but without reference to any canned indicators.....if you want it just for charting, it is fine as far as I know......
  4. Attended an AdvancedGet seminar some time ago, and someone asked if it was 'like Wizetrade' !!! Could have heard a pin drop. LOL
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    Bump for more feedback :)

    I'm looking for a charting software with cot data and i'll give track n trade a demo run soon.

    Would be nice to have more reviews of it. Isn't anyone using it ?
  6. Used it for a while many years ago, before they bumped up the cost of the software, introduced fx/stock modules etc.

    For a purist EOD price bar trader-chartist/technician, looking at commodities (only), it WAS great, bulletproof reliable, and very functional with its "flip" chart contract month arrangement. Loved it, never failed, had all that was necessary.

    That is old hat though, the add-in data (cot etc) even at the time was too much, its horrendous now-im just saying , i loved the program, back when it was super cheap, only had commod's, and david duty's site was free. some time after "then".
  7. I totally agree.
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    So do you guys use nowdays to chart commodities ? The only softwares i found with cot data are trackntrade and trade navigator. I have to agree with whoever said that trackntrade isn't cheap

    Trackntrade+cot plugin 444$ (eod data 40$/month)

    Tradenav 100$ (eod data 45$/month)
  9. I noticed BnB started this thread.

    Must have been before he became an expert trader and mentor of many on youtube.

    Sorry to invade the thread......but couldn't resist. Back to my hole.
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