Anyone use as their primary charting software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DennisAndLisa, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Does anyone use as their primary charting software. I am considering to use it with IB in the future.

    Also, does offer live charting?

  2. I use e-signal for real time charting, but have kept a subscription to stockcharts because it's cheap and I think the charts are better for longer term perspective, particualry if a large number of MAs and indicators are used.

    I dont think they have real time, but I havnt looked for about a month.

    I think its pretty hard to trade without real time, because I think you need it for entry and exit executions at the least.
  3. Dennis,

    This applies to swing trading from the daily & weekly charts exclusively. Without that site, I'd be dead in the water. Subscribers are allowed to save ANNOTATED charts to a favorites list which saves me a ton of time personally. If I remember correctly, you can save 500 to a list. I'm not aware of another service that allows this at a comparable price. Unfortunately, they don't offer real time charting ability at the moment.

  4. Thank you all,....I am studying up on swingtrading, with limited amount of capital, and alot of desire!