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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Vinny Gigante, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. johnborton,

    Just curious, how did alfatrade do this last week?

    I've had some great days but I am thinking of a trial, always looking for new ideas.

    What do they trade, any unusual names?


    WHOA, should of looked before I asked. They have lost big this last week. Looks like about even for the month to date. OUCH.
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  2. Rigel


    Sometimes, a good way to find out about something is to poke it and see what it does.
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  3. >Just curious, how did alfatrade do this last week?

    >WHOA, should of looked before I asked. They have l
    >lost big this last week. Looks like about even for the
    >month to date. OUCH.

    Yes, isn't it nice to be able to track their performance so easily. If you wonder how their doing, just look and see.

    Of course, whether up or down (but especially up) , I would suggest always considering a bit longer view than only a week, or even a month. A good month is just's the long term that determines true value.

    We'll see

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  5. Magna

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    anyone with experience w/this site?

    Man, for someone who consistently, and easily I might add, takes 10-15 pts out of the market each day :), you are strangely interested in all the stock picking sites like shortboy, millenium-traders, now this one, did I leave any out....

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  6. oolarinm


    maybe good for ideas if they are free , I have come to the conclusion that its mostly not worth paying these guys except you are completely new and just want a head start. Most of them are just trying to make a living off others instead of trading

    $10 per month just to pick stocks that are channeling for you , 12 of them a week ??? gosh !!! any basic scanner can do that and then some . What is this industry turning to.
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  7. for or, and you have your answer.

    Some dullard is retiring because of this website, is the premise of the commercial. About as stupid as all those Fidelity commercials.

    I'm sorry, but a stupid commercial usually signifies poor management, and then you want to trust their trading??

    Let the sucker beware.
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  8. take out the "questionable" trades that were previously discussed in the thread here, all those "phantom" trades that aren't real, but counted, and looks like they're in the minus column.

    Plus, I doubt they could get out of their losing Nasdaq trades at those prices they say. Ever get your price trying to get out of a diving Nasdaq stock?

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