anyone use rogaine foam?

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  1. dv4632


    For a while now I've had a thinning spot on the back of my head. It hasn't changed in the last year or so but I figure it will one day become a bald spot. I've been debating whether or not I want to bother trying to fight it, because from what I've read you're supposed to start when it's still thinning.

    The other option is to use it as an excuse to buzz my hair off. That would be lower maintenance and with an added benefit of never having to worry about a bad hair day or bad haircut again. Just would have to get used to myself with that new look.

    Anyone use it, or know anyone who's used it? I've seen some pics on hairloss sites so know it works for some, but figured I'd post the question here and see what guys say.
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Did the whole routine for six months religiously. My time would have been better spent masturbating. Now I shave my head.
  3. hughb


    I don't have a visible bald spot, but I use liquid minoxidil along with finasteride and my hair thickened up noticably. I've been using the minoxidil for about three years now and I took a two month holiday from it earlier this year.
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    It seems that finasteride has become something of a tort magnet.
  5. Fight it!

    Fight it!

    From a 6/18/12 post of mine:
    F*ck that old Propecia technology. I take Avodart 'off-label' prescription {my prostrate will remain vibrant and 'non-bloated' until the day I am put in 'stasis'}. Do the research; I sure as f*ck do. Been on that since '97.

    I was on propecia before it was released to public until '97.

    I take 15% rogaine @2X's daily:


    2% Nizoral:




  6. Brass


    I'd suggest you pick your fights carefully.
  7. True,

    Got new prescription eyewear recently for computer use; fucking bifocals built in. I protested some but my guy told me just accept it and I would be thanking him within 2 weeks of using them.

    Dust and nothingness...



  8. Jim/Hedvig,

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