anyone use realtick

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  1. anyone who likes real tick?
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    I used RealTick for 10 years. RealTick was free for me, but I quit using it in favor of QuoteTracker which I like much better. RealTick workes well but I do not think it is worth the price if one had to pay the full regular monthly charges.
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    You should use the search function because you can find all the past conversations about Realtick. Next, start sending private messages to those that said they were using Realtick.

    I just did and found at least 8 different traders talking about their use or experience with Realtick (e.g. user name Bolimomo). Also, many years ago I had two close friend (office pals) that used realtick but they used it for its excellent trading platform even though they didn't like the charts. In contrast, they used an independent chart provider.

  4. Yeah. That's exactly how I feel.

    RealTick's charting features suck. I use TradeStation for charts and RealTick for fast order executions. And then... TradeStation's charting features are great but their order placements and modifications suck.
  5. What firm do you with real tick platform? Esignal I have used with real tick
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    I used Realtick years ago. Currently using QT because it meets my needs and the price it right. It's free. If QT and Realtick were the same price, I would choose Realtick without hesitation. I thought their charts were very good.

    To the posters who didn't like Realtick charts, what was it about the charts that you didn't like?
  7. I am not here to debate for/against RealTick. It is a user experience issue. There are other software vendors who seem to have done a better job.

    RealTick has the basic charting features. Basic, that's it. I do not want to make a dirty laundry list.

    But consider this in TradeStation.

    I have a chart. Say 1-min, intraday, AAPL.

    I want to change to 5-min bars, just type "5 min" <ENTER>. Done. (RealTick: menu traversal stuff)

    I want to zoom in on price data or zoom out on price data, hit the Left-Arrow Right-Arrow key. Slide on the window scroll bar at the bottom. The chart is automatically re-scaled as you slide to a different time range. (RealTick... no re-scaling on zoom)

    Add a horizontal line: alt-D (for drawing), hit "H" (for horizontal line)... just mark the point. Done. (RealTick: menu traversal stuff)

    Add a fib scale: alt-D, "F" "L", mark start point end point. Done. (RealTick: ?????) TradeStation let you set 12 custom fib retracement levels. (RealTick: ???)

    Not to mention the ability to write your own custom indicators, and data refreshing being much faster. And many other things...

    I can go on and on but these are samples.
  8. Meant to type "Up-Arrow" "Down-Arrow" for zoom in/out.