Anyone use Open Office ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Joab, Apr 25, 2007.

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  2. I've used it for about 6 months, so far its excellent... pretty much the same as office in terms of excel, word and pp. The only problem I had was with macros... you can create them no problem but importing from excel is still an issue they are working on... or at least were working on a month ago...
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    yup, much better than microsoft's office but will take some getting used to as it is simlar but different.
  4. It's not bad for the price. Takes a little getting used to if you are used to the real thing.
  5. I used OpenOffice in the past with no problems.

    Currently using MS Office 2007, in no small part due to the 1M rows / 16K columns thing. Been waiting forever for this. Overnight Excel has gone from being of limited value for intraday work (with 64K rows) to being able to hold nearly 3 years of 1m 24/5 data, 14 years of 5m data, etc.

    There's a bunch of comparison reviews online for the two office suites and their components, e.g., on Wikipedia.

    Last time I checked OpenOffice Calc v.2 also had a limit of 64K rows... is that still the case in v.2.2?
  6. The macros are a problem between the two programs. All of my PowerPoint presentations are skewed when I open them in Open Office so I went back to MS Office.
  7. How is the performance of the new OO 2.2? Did they work on load and startup times?
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    wow that's amazing I really didn't think so many people were using this.

    I guess my biggest concern was the compatibility issues of people sending me docs and excel sheets but it seems like this isnt really an issue to much and it will work well with standard stuff right?
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    I have installed it in my father's computer.

    He uses it everyday, and loves it.

    The price is right.

    Great for basic office functions, like word processing, power points, spreadsheets, etc.

    I won't use it if your life depends on macros or VB scripts. (about 5% of the user population)

    When I buy a new computer later this year, I will install it too because I don't see any reason to pay for Office again.
  10. I use OO for all business letters and invoicing. Spreadsheet is ok too, although it lacks the DDE streams (under Linux) of course, which are an important part of my trading setup, hence the other server is still XP.
    It feels more solid than MS-Office somehow. Sometimes less intuitive but otoh also more flexible in possible configs.
    Hardly any compatiblilty problems; the ones there are are mostly when trying to read stuff from others. Stuff produced in OO will always be readable in MS-Office, since they adhere to the 'standard' .doc format that isn't published by MS.

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