Anyone use Ninja Trader for swing trading?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Reaver, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. I was curious, I like the platform a lot, especially the analytics/trader metrics part. I think there are some very good features.....

    However, one thing that scares me is that the orders are not placed with the broker, rather they are kept on the NT platform until hit....therefore if something was to happen to your internet connect or NT, you may be in for some shit.

    I see it as adding one more chance for something to go wrong, another step away from a direct connection.....

    But I wanted to ask if anyone has in fact tried Ninja Trader for swing/position trading. If so, what were your thoughts? Any major issues?

    There are many pluses for the NT platform, but it's almost that if you aren't going to park your ass in front of the screen to watch your orders, it may be a little too least if your broker connection is lost, your orders are generally on their servers so you're still covered...NT could lead to major problems if you're connection goes down.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Hey Reaver,

    I'm not using NT for live trading but was trying the demo out. I feel the same way. Really like the performance Analysis but worried about the way it sends orders. I checked out a bunch of front ends and I believe that Button trader is the only one that has the option to presend all orders before filled. I also will be using predominantly for swing trading.

    It blows me away that these programs don't just have a check box for this feature.What if I lose internet connection and then get filled with no stop loss! Even though BT doesn't do much in the way of performance analysis, I'll be going with them.
  3. Hey thanks for the input, I agree it sucks they don't have the option to presend would be very nice....oh well c'est la vie right?

    Have a good one.
  4. Hey Reav,
    Long time no talk!

    FYI - Orders at Open ECry rest on THEIR servers, not your computer.

    You bring up an important point that many new traders fail to notice.