Anyone use my method?

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  1. It was a great journal to bad it was closed.

    I tried to duplicate the Chaikin Indicator on Ensign charts but could never get it to work as they just have a Chaikin Indicator but no volume setting so I could never test it or follow it.

    Happy to know that it's still working for you congrats.:)
  2. no pm

    Could you start a new journal?

    Michael B.
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    Hello npp,

    Great to hear that you and the method are doing well. Are you continuing with your career as a musician or are you trading full-time now?

    Now we know for a fact that there are some trading methods which do not stop working simply because they have been disclosed to the public.:)

    Kind regards.
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    has anyone tried this method on other instruments? zn, for example ?

    BTW: a few of the good traders I knew at the floor in Amsterdam (about 12 years ago) were drummers, maybe a coincidence, maybe not ...
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    Usually the problem is not with the method but the person. I'm sure its fine I trade off divergences all the time.
  7. Trading fulltime. I listen to music and play for a few friends, but no longer for a living.
  8. I've made a few changes to the basic method and I was thinking of starting a new journal. The old one was a lot of work. If there weren't many using the material I don't think I want to invest my time on another one.
  9. ozzy

    I am a big believer that once a person finds a method that truly works for them psychology is a non issue.

    The truth is that most people CAN't have faith in a trading in a method based on past performance because no one knows the future of price movements.

    Those that have taken past indicator performance and developed their own unique method like the originator of this thread have confidence because they understood the dynamics of the method and not the signals.

    I have seen many traders try and take someone elses methods and fail miserably because they did not understand the thinking behind it's creation.
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