Anyone use Murrey Math?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by tango29, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Man alive! I checked them out about 1 yr ago and got on their mailing list. They send out emails that read like a raving lunatic. They called this turn and that turn in the the markets, and you need to be a genius or a little kid to understand the method, blah blah blah. I am curious if anyone here has ever used it ? They now have a real time product to go with an end of day product, but they seem crazy. I haven't removed myself from their email list because the emails are actually entertaining.
    Thanks for anyones input on it.
  2. Murrey's stuff is based on some Gann basics and is interesting. Murrey himself definitely comes across as a raving lunatic though. And his writings are practically incomprehensible. He's about the worst ad for the method possible because it's tough to take anything he says seriously because he's always so raving, condescending, and hostile. Although there are definitiely people who drank the Kool Aid to whom he's the Second Coming and who are themselves about as raving as he.

    However, there are groups using the basic ideas to trade that are neither "disciples" nor raving. Don't know if it's still going, but there was a trading room operated by traderbambu that used it profitably and was very rational.

    As far as Murrey's software goes - a friend bought his end of day program and it was a pretty cheesy product (especially for $750). Have seen a lot of posts on another board about his realtime program apparently being a POS too - not to mention WAY too expensive. If you're interested, try one of the broader based realtime programs that includes similar functionality among its feature set (beware the esignal script though - when I tried it, it often produced intermittent incorrect results, especially on intraday charts).

    Do a search on ET for "Murrey Math" and you should find prior threads that discussed it in more detail. Be aware though that there are as many raving detractors as there supporters, so some of the prior threads had some irrational mudslinging.
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    His ravings are kind of enjoyable, been temtped to go to one of his free lectures just to see it in person. Thank you for the info.
  4. I have done some research on it - and gotten conflicting opinions. I have talked to people who say they make a living by it, and others who do not have a favorable opinion.

    I have also searched extensively for rules on trading MM, but not much luck. I found some things on the net but were incomplete and complex, and I have heard his book is a big waste of money (totally incomprehensible).

    The only other option is to go to one of his seminars, but I am not willing to pay and fly.

    Anyone have info on MM, or good resources to learn about the methodology?
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  6. The esignal chart follows along with my earlier comment - looks like the script is still sometimes incorrectly calculating the frame boundaries. It doesn't match the results from two popular programs that produce MM charts.