Anyone use LivevolX?

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  1. This is LivevolPro's execution platform and includes LVP for free instead of paying $250/month for front-end analytics. Commissions are .65, no ticket charge. I am currently using TOS for execution, so I can see the obvious advantages, but can anyone share some insight?
  2. Can't comment on using LiveVolX as a brokerage firm.

    However I did want to say it's nice seeing a fellow trance listener who trades options.

    Here's a great remix done by tiesto to lunatic asylum's energy flow. Great song to listen to when trading.

  3. That is a great track DH. Hope it brings me success!

    There are few things in life I'm really passionate about. Trance and options just happen to be two of those things.
  4. I am actually in the process of switching to Livevol X from TOS, and will be clearing through IB. I have been using LVP for awhile now and am pleased. The platform looks pretty slick and the commissions are reasonable. I'll let you know how it works out.
  5. I went to electric daisy carnival in Orlando recently.. bassnector tiesto etc bad ass
  6. Excellent. Looking forward to your review. Have you noticed the difference in the data between the two (LVP and TOS)?
  7. Absolutely. Vols routinely differ between the two. From my experience Livevol data seems to be reliable, but I calc them on my own anyway.
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    You know, most options chains are useless. I rather pay someone to tell me which chain is the most relevant rather than pay someone for a handy dandy interface. I mean, data is cheap, but anal is costly.
  9. I'll I heard was anal...
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