Anyone use knee supports?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Following a similiar thread, it occurred to me I still have a dodgy knee, quite annoying when its bad. Not necessarily painful, but enough to can a walk when its really bad.

    Has anyone had success with the sport/or other style knee supports available?

    The ligaments etc make a bit of a "clunk" on the outside/ lower 3/4 area of the patella. It started after an impact injury in that location, but doesn't seem to have gotten worse over time, touch wood.

  2. Try buying several diff types (Walgreens, Target). If you don't like, return it within 30 days. I have tried several for elbows and back; some were decent, some annoying (very sweaty, etc.)
  3. So typical of your belief, to buy personal items and sweat in them to only abusively return them a month later?!

  4. To be fair, some of these things are piss poor designs, and likely shouldn't be on the market-for that matter, 30 days isnt so great a deal either, given they know damn well most will pop them in the cupboard and not properly test the product in that time frame.

    You know, i complained about a pizza one time, there were a stack of people, so it was 3/4 gone by the time a consensus was reached that it was just awful, and a complaint should be made.

    They accused us of trying to scab a free pizza, but no, just circumstances.

    Back on topic, trying out the generic orthotic innersoles i got, seem to help the knee, very pleased with them so far. And just as well, 'coz the 30 days are up