Anyone use kettlebells?

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  1. Presumably, someone will , maybe atticus or his roid raging cohorts.
    That was a joke, guys.

    Seriously, anyone use them , or have good links to exercise type stuff, to do with using the kettlebell?

    Dont know what a kettlebell is? I didnt either till the other day, for your convenience;

    Oh yeah. Pain. Russian style pain.
  2. Yeah I use them. Not exclusively but I have a couple and they're very useful.
  3. Sweet, care to elaborate? I ask basically on a fact finding mission, getting 16, 24, and 32 kg turning up soon, naturally, ET is the first port of call.

    Obviously, they are just monster lumps of weight, but if you have any good links etc, that would be swell.
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    I grew up with kettlebells. :p

    Google (Pavel) "Tsatsouline". You'll find many of his books and videos on p2p and bittorrent. Yeah, he sells "authentic Russian" KB's, too... although they are anything but cheap.
  5. Ac, the loft I go to for workouts has a set I have not used them but I watch an old guy who does and it's very impressive. It works your whole core and the trick is going nice and smooth and slow not jerking them around and when you lift your arm the weight of the kettle does some of the work but you want to reach a point of equilibrium as you hit the top of your swing, the kettle should kind of lose momentum at exactly the top of your swing and and slowly you begin your down motion. If you yank up too fast and hold the kettle beyond the crown of your head you will tip over backwards and have a big fall. If you bring the ball down too fast you will take out your knees. Still hiddden within the system is great strength for those that can do it right. I'm just not sure that's you Ac, and certainly not unattended, get a trainer! This is an age old Russian exercise that works. But you have to be careful. ~ stoney
  6. Lol, i didnt say they were for me!
    But i may tinker , if it looks like i wouldnt injure myself.
    Getting the pro grade steel ones, gotta good deal, and Pavel's dvd.
    They are all the same size i gather, so i may paint the weight on in bigger letters for a start.
    Maybe like a stop sign, 16kg green, proceed with caution, 24kg orange for use em if you want but you will likely be injured, and 32kg red for stop here, dont even think about it.

  7. Check out Dragondoor forums for some good basic info....also, google Mike Mahler, and Anthony Diluglio.

    Good start, Diluglio has a few cool videos for helping technique. There are others but this is a good basic start.
  8. Thanks reaver, theres some good stuff in those googs.

    Turned up today, fortunately in seperate boxes (phew), yep, just as i thought, huge lumps of metal.
    Dont worry, i wont be improvising anything myself, thats for sure.

    As stated, there not for me, but doubtless there will be some simple core exercises i could manage just for a start.
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    What's the point of the different shape? It's a dumbbell. Get a couple of handles and collars, and a pile of plates at .55 a pound, and have every "kettlebell" you want.
  10. That's my observation as well. In fact, aren't dumbbells more conveniently shaped, providing better balance?
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