Anyone use IB with QT?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Kastro_316, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Hey.

    Just wondering if anyone used IB for forex with the feed going to Quotetracker? Good combo?

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  2. The RT feed is fine; the backfill could be a lot better though.
  3. yes. i do too.

    IB seems a little "whacked" as for Backfill. sometimes it is quick. sometimes, there is a several second lag. i get the impression this is IB not QT.

    i like forex through IB/QT, but i need to look at longer term charts too on forex for the "bigger picture"

    i think Metatrader, a free download, is pretty good for daily, weekly, and monthly charts.
  4. Jerry (if you're reading this post), do the historical data providers for QT (Prophet, BigCharts) provide forex data? I've tried to do a symbol search for currency pairs on both with no luck.
  5. Hi, Kastro.

    I think you mentioned on another thread that you don't like Oanda's charts. What else would you like to see on them?

  6. Hi to all,

    Oanda's trading platform can't be downloaded, can it?
    And what about comfortability of oanda comparing to fcxm?