Anyone use FXSol?

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  1. I was reading their website, and I like the fact that you can alter your leverage all the way up to 400:1 and they have a Flexi contract so you could trade only 1,000 units if you want to. 1,000 units at 400:1 is only $2.50 margin per lot, I could live with that. Anyway just want to know if anyone has any experience with them, or if they are another bucket shop?

    P.S. Where did the term "bucket shop" originate, 'cause I like saying it?
  2. I think the link above, was a tribute to a boiler room...

    I have not tried FX solutions personally but I know of a Canadian trader that swears by them. I talk to him frequently by telephone and Yahoo messenger.

    I have always recommended to diversify funds across several brokers-dealer-marketmakers in all of the instruments one trades. I must soon follow my own advice and get some funds transferred to dealer # 2, whomever (whoever, which is the correct word to use, I forgot) that may be..I have not decided yet.

    Michael B.
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    I have a friend who is an IB for FXSOL and he really believes in their services.

    I myself was looking at Even though the website doesn't have much information, talking with a representative they offer a good spread, 1-2 pips on most majors and good technology with different APIs..
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    I find fxsol very good.
  5. Thanks for all the responses!
    I am going to open an account with FXSol on Monday, I'm pleased to hear all the good things and am glad they stack up. I believe they only require a $250 min deposit.

    Absolutely! I also just opened an account at Oanda and I've had 4 Tradestation accounts for years. Diversity is good (it's also an old old wooden ship used during the civil war era!) I think each of these brokerages has something different to offer and each is unique in their own way. I use Tradestation for all of my analytics, but Oanda has the advantage of being able to define your lot size and will pay you carry interest. I like the idea of FXSol because they also allow non-standard lot sizes, although less flexible than Oanda, but they offer margin all the way up to 400:1 while Oanda only offers a max of 50:1. So each place has it's strengths and having an account with each will add greater versatility to forex trading.
  6. Actually it has nothing to do with boiler rooms ... just bucket shops. Maybe you should have looked before to typed. It's a full (and free) copy of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator posted online. Have you read it?
  7. Yes I have...and I have read it before it was free..I meant to say bucket shop...Jesse shared his heart with us. God rest his soul.

  8. It's a great read even knowing of ol' Jesse' demise while immersed in his words.

    Trade well.
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