Anyone use esignal with IB?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by killer007, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Anyone use esignal with IB?

    is it you can use IB as broker and use esignal for charting?
    Also, i heard you can use IB plugin for esignal and trade in the esignal software...

    what do you guys think about this?
    Any comment?

  2. I use IB as my broker, Esignal as my datafeed and Ninja for charting.

    The arrangement works great for me. I don't use the ESignal software (not till v11 anyway) but what you're suggesting should work fine.
  3. did you use ninja to trade?
    or you have to use IB TWS to trade?

    I thought esignal has the best charting
    ninja charting is better?

  4. Ninja is just a frontend, it plugs into the TWS API, but I like Ninja's Charttrader and trade-management features: auto stops and targets, etc.

    I prefer Ninja charting to Esignal v10 but its really just a personal preference. At the time I ditched Esignal they did not have a trade-off-the-chart feature while Ninja did, which was a huge draw for me, but I believe Esignal added that feature in a later release of v10.
  5. I though eSignal has its own datafeed?
  6. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    You can use NinjaTrader directly with your IB account.

    - You can use NinjaTrader indefintely connected to your IB account for charting, analytics, trade simulation etc...
    - Your IB account will provide real time and historical minute, daily (not tick data) to drive NinjaTrader
    - If you wish to trade your IB account using NinjaTrader, you will have to purchase a live trading license here
    - If IB real time and historical data is not sufficient, you can check out Kinetick ( which is new data feed for NinjaTrader 7 starting from $50 per month for real time service plans or free for end of day data
  7. ndjeff7


    I currently use IB as my broker and eSignal for my charting. I have the plug-in and connect to the IB API every morning with eSignal. This way I can trade my IB account off of my eSignal charts.

    The #1 reason why I have this setup though is for the CME fee waiver program. If I connect to the API and make a few trades per month in eSignal then all the data fees are waived, so it saves some money every month.