Anyone use Bloomberg?

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  1. Anyone use this for remote equities/futures trading (so NOT at a firm, but home office)?

    If so, is it worth the cost?
    What do yuo pay?

    After dealing with eSignal on these high volume/volatility days, and the problems (exactly the days you don't want them, of course), I'm interested in other options.

  2. Yeah, I am curious as does trading through Bloomberg work?
  3. I use bloomberg and I pay 1700 per month.
  4. mokwit


    Other institutional grade are CQG (~$600/month) and Metastock Quotecenter (formerly the Bridge platform) $135/month (but someone posted that it has prblems at the tick level in a fast market).

    Cheap non lag (snapshot, not every tick) quotes are IB fed through Sierra/Quotetracker/Ensign/others
  5. Any one interested to share the Bloomberg Terminal Fee ??

    We Colocate a Server, and put a Terminal there. so we can access Simulatenously..

    We can use this Mainly for Quick Economic News and such.

    Anyone interested,then PM Me immidiately..

    Would be nice, so we all share the money. the more the people the more good, and then we all can discuss together of whats next movements.. Like We all trading from our home, different parts of world... And all then sharing views...

    Let me know
  6. I would BUT I would need 10k up front. I just resigned my two year contract. your call if you are interested.
  7. How did you manage $1,700 with exchange fees?

  8. I'd roll over until the urge passes to shares your terminal via VPN... 1) It's borderline retarded, and 2) It's a blatant violation of your Bloomberg contract. They will sue you into oblivion if you're discovered.
  9. I have been a user since 98 and they cover my exchange fees. They won't sue me, i will contact them and set it up the right way.

    Edit: You might be right. I just read you can have a multiple user terminal but not have bloomberg anywhere, which I use a lot. So I don't think this would work.
  10. They won't sue you for sharing a terminal with 15 schlubs? Oh, fuck no! They'll applaud you!
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