Anyone use and/or follow Ken Wolff ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gene, Dec 19, 2000.

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    Has anyone used and or studied the procedures of Ken Wolff as presented on "The Momentum Trader" ?
  2. Hi Gene

    I'm trying to find some info about him other than his site but no luck. I contacted them to see if they would let me interview a trader at the firm but no reply.
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    Gene & rtharp,

    Ken Wolff is a commentator for and You should be able to get a feeling of how he works by reading some of his articles. is fee based, don't know about Hope this helps.

  4. Hey

    just an update on Mtrader. One of the ex-members Chris Schumacher has contacted me and agreed to do an online chat interview. He is now with Reality trader(I say interview because I'll ask about 80% of the questions to keep it organized) If you guys are interested to hear about his trading style/ ideas I'll invite everyone to join in.

    It will probably be in about a month. I'll come back and edit this post when I know when.

    The chat will be held on MSN at my website.

    Best to you all
    Robert Tharp
  5. I've tried to read everything Ken has written at I did a trial at his chat room a while back. I wasn't ready at that time to trade their way... I didn't have the right broker and services. I like his methods.
  6. And Ken did an interview at tradersinterviews.som or something like that. I have the url at home I'll post it later.
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  8. Wow! Thanks for an excellent post. I like Ken's ideas.
  9. I'm going to be doing an interview with Ken through email over the next few days and posting to my site.

    If anyone wants me to ask any specific questions please let me know

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