anyone use alpaca, the commission free api trading?

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  1. trend2009


    robinhood does not have api for automatic trading, but alpaca has one. I am currently with IB, and my commission each month is over 5000 dollars. is not it nice to save a couple thousands each month on alpaca? anyone has experience with execution on their platform?
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  2. S2007S


    $60,000 in commissions a year?

  3. tommcginnis


    Do a little math!
    That's 60 RTs in a Globex future, per trading day. 10 an hour, 6 working hours.
    5x or 10x of SPX verticals? (How many S&P 50+ pt. days have we had in the past 2 weeks?)
    Multiply by 2 or 3 expiries? But wait! Let's split 'em and go to the other side of the market!
    Want to scalp equities at a $2 RT? If you're going 1-lots as fast as your finger can twitch, this shit adds up.

    FWIW, I go through a so-called "gaming mouse" {read: "3-5 year life span"} about every 6 months. :confused::rolleyes:

    ALPACA: Sorry, no info, but interested in knowing more of their product, story, and hopefully, success.
  4. S2007S


    I don't trade futures so I just saw the $5000 a month commission cost which is more than probably 75% of people's mortgage.
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  5. qlai


    Are you using SMART route and taking liquidity?
  6. rb7


    Alpaca and Robinhood don't do futures, just stocks.
    So, trading stocks with IB and having $5000 commissions/month, RESPECT!!!
  7. trend2009


    I am using IB, my entry is market order, and exit most of time is limit order. I used to trade more frequently than today. the BULL of last ten years shrank the volatility and volume, killed the profit margin for day traders, so I trade less now since 5 years ago.
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  8. qlai


    You are sending to SMART or directing orders to specific venues?
  9. Sig


    How We Make Money?
    Securities brokers traditionally generate revenue in multiple ways including charging trading commissions, marking up margin lending rates and stock loan, keeping interest on cash deposits, receiving payment for order flow by routing orders to market makers, and marking up the data feed subscription.

    Although we do not charge commissions, Alpaca may generate revenue in some of the same ways as traditional online brokerages. These include:

    • Interest on cash deposits
    • Payment for order flow (“PFOF”) - Alpaca receives remuneration for routing your orders to market makers and exchanges. PFOF helps us offset the expense that occurs when clearing and executing our customers’ trades. You can read more about PFOF in our Medium post here. For Alpaca Securities SEC Rule 606 disclosures, please click here. *It is important to note that our customers are not charged.
    • Margin financing - Alpaca may charge interest for margin loans.
    • Stock loan - Alpaca may charge stock loan fees for users who want to borrow stock to short sell.
    They only trade listed stocks.
  10. %%
    NO, but worth looking into, even though they do payment for order flow.A buy on the S&P dip can work/market order entry[ or limit order]; dont know exactly how well thiers works........
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