Anyone try the Secret News Weapon

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  1. It gives visual buy or sell signals according to triggers, but in addition to that, it also let's you over-ride triggers and use your own triggers, in addition to giving you a visual buy or sell signal, it gives you an audible buy or sell signal, and it takes it even one step further...if you even clicks your buy or sell button on your broker's platform instantly upon release of the number and the signal. All you have to do is few minutes before the report, pre-set your parameters for buy and sell signal, or leave it as default at my triggers, pre-set on the weapon where your broker's buy button and sell buttons are located before the report, sit back, relax, and watch the Secret News Weapon execute your buy or sell order instantly the same split second the number is released from lock up.

    Is it worth the 248/month cost?
  2. You have got to be joking.
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    When will people learn there is no such thing as a pre-made pre-programmed auto system or where you just add buy/sell orders to indicators and send the orders along.
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  5. nice to get a good laugh in the middle of the night while waiting for the London session opening........
  6. the jokes just write themselves for that one....... :(

    this better machine was invented and reinterpreted in 1983......this was, of course, at the advent of the desk, a few variables had to be added......the first was by standing on top of a hill with your mouth wide open waiting for a roast duck to fly in......this obvously required quite a bit of patience.......the second was the addition of a triple-half-pike-double-digit written in C+ code.....that's tricky coz C+ wasnt around then.....but it would have worked.....I got my broker to call me to confirm that I would call him....sometime....... then, to be safe, we called each other at exactly the same to check that the engaged signals worked ok....just in case.....

    he would always start the "no-shit-sherlock" line with me whenever I rang him in the middle of the night just to let him know.... it was...... the middle of the night......... but I got wise to his I started calling him first thing in the morning to let him know that, yes, the night had just finished and was he ok.....

    I married his sister and she lets me out once a week to catch flying roast duck......the straight jacket fits very well thanks to my caring broker......

    (c) MM1
  7. ........erm.......that's right......the entrance/set-up is taking its time......ok :D
  8. So these so called auto-trading software is useless? From what I gather, it is an automatic mouse-clicker. I dunno, I've been fooled before. I'm assuming nobody has tried it :)
  9. The secret news weapon is supposed to have the ability to account for revisions now. I wonder if that makes it worth the price of 248/month.