Anyone try TCNet yet?

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  1. I've always liked TC2000 for end-of-day charting. Has anyone tried Worden's TCNet yet?
  2. I am using it currently. Not much advantage. It is not yet stable.
  3. I tried TC2000 real-time about a year ago and found it to be very unreliable. Still, I don't have many complaints about the end-of-day version.
  4. mbodrogi


    Where else can you get a well supported (meaning they actually answer the phone with a live body) comprehensive charting/technical analysis software and data for $250.00 per month.
  5. mbodrogi?

    Do you work for the company? all of your 5 posts thusfar are about them.

    I'd never heard of them till today.
  6. Anyone currently using it? Any opinions? Has the stability improved from the initial release earlier this year?
  7. It has stabilized,. The chat and groups are very good. Now you can do multiple charts. I have dropped my esignal and use them exclusively now.
  8. i've used tc2000 for years. i wish they had a tc2000 that was EXACTLY like tc2000, except the data is not delayed. why the hell don't they do this? all i want is tc2000 without delayed data. i'd pay extra just for real-time data. i know tcnet is real time, but i heard the real-time scanning capabilities are limited.
  9. They do have real time data for the TC2000 package without switching over to TCNET. I tried it, didn't like it.
  10. I had heard that the first version (which came out this Spring/Summer) was still a work in progress, but it would appear that they've made some major improvements in the most recent release -- as confirmed by easyguru -- also based on the marketing effort that they're now doing with the new version.

    I also had tried TC2000 real-time about a year or so ago and gave up on it.

    Based on the number of TC2000 Knights who have now switched over to TCNet and the fact that Dave Landry and Chris Manning are now using and endorsing it, I think TC2000 is committed to making it work and I'm going to give it a try. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee so what do I have to lose? I should be up and running by the end of this week.
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