Anyone Try Options Hotline?

Discussion in 'Options' started by birdman, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. birdman


    Has anyone tried Steve Sarnoff's Option Hotline advisory service? Is he half as good as he claims?

    I got his promo in the mail ... like everyone else I suppose ... anyway I often look them over ... and many sound good ...

    course the proof of the pudding is in the eating of it

    Anybody know (first hand) about this service?


    I'm new - just found the search function which gave a few comments about the service.

    Should have tried that first.

    But I'll let the post stand ... perhaps someone will have some first hand knowledge and will have actually tried it or know someone who has.

  2. I have never heard of him.

    Great first post (ad).
  3. birdman


    ooopps ... should have known I'd get pegged for a company rep ad man for the option service.

    being the first post and all...

    can't say as I blame ya.

    I frequent the forum at (no that's not mine either) for my hosting biz (which you can't even find as my homepage) and I know these forums get attacked by spamers and folks looking for some free exposure

    We use Overture and Google for real ads

    forums are great places to learn though, no harm meant, just an honest question.
  4. buy calls when volatility declines and sell puts when it explodes

    a great way to contribute to the market.....
  5. Did you find out more about Options Hotline ( I get the flyers also and was first intrigued (ever wonder how much these people make selling these scripts???). However, if you read the fine print on his trade log it states that the returns are showing the maximum possible return from the trigger. In other words, they give you an open signal, but the close is up to you. Hell, we would all be rich if we could peg the maximum price or bid of any security after entering a position!

    "** Gains are based on all triggered trades, assuming exit point at peak option value. Percent gain represents the percentage change at the subsequent high value, from the trigger price. Subsequent high represents the highest option value reached by either actual trade, bid price, or intrinsic value following the triggering of the recommendation. Profits do not factor in commissions and taxes.

    I strongly recommending calling any service and checking all claims before you buy into one. Ask them if they give exact buy and sell triggers and to send their exact alerting history with both actual open and close alerts, noting if they were tradable, etc.

    By the way, has anyone found a really good trading alert service for options? I've tried a few, but did no better with them than I do on my own, it's just my day job really limits the time I can invest. I would love to find a great option alerting service with consistent returns over several years, in various markets.

    The ones I've tried so far are:
    Schaeffer's QQQ Speculator (did excellent in 2002 @ 448%, but not so good this year)
    Schaeffer's Option Advisor (not bad for a freebie from opening a trading account!)
    Lombardi Publishing's Fountain of Money
    Wicked Profits (not bad, lists all past trades)
    Ultimate Option Strategies
    PowerOptions Plus

    Many of these I did for free or only during the trial period. However, I was not completely satisfied with any of them except While Power Options Plus is not really an alerting service (you scan for trades), I have been able to do pretty well with it. However, it still takes a little too much time to get the best trades while working full-time.

    Any suggestions or input on any other option alerting services?
  6. Compounding,
    Good to hear comments about Schaeffer's, I always wonder how their QQQ speculator is performing. I think they are good, however, I didn't like the fact that in their sale pitch, they are always touting their %profits, and not their losses.

    Cheers !!:)