Anyone Tried Ryan Jones Course?

Discussion in 'Options' started by ForexDriver, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi, I read Ryan Jones "Options for Profits" course and wonder if anyone here tried his course. Any positive or negative comments are welcome. Thanks.
  2. 64c2


    Tried it -- didn't like it --- and never got the money back that he guaranteed!
  3. mde2004


    not worth the money, i suggest you look elsewhere to get your moneys worth and actually make it better for your investment dollars.
  4. So in that case STAY AWAY from this guy he is a shark
  5. I have gotten his spam for many years. He devours partners, tries to suck out thousands for his Fixed Ratio algorithm, which is available for free on internet, then he disappears and reappears with new backtested systems for high prices, using "subscriptions are disappearing fast" promotionals.

  6. He sounds like SCUM!!!
  7. Hi, if you tried it, can you share a bit what kind of strategy he is using please?
  8. Which part of the last comments didn't make sense?
  9. Jim Jone's brother! Drink the kool-aid!!!!!
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    I met Ryan a few years ago, I think @ the last trading expo held in Anaheim. He struck me as a nice, honest and sincere person, however I have never been on his lists or seen any of his products, so I can not comment on what he sells. I can just say that he seemed like a decent human being when I met him, and thats not something you can say about everyone selling stuff in this industry.
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